Business Intelligence solutions for Analytical Reporting tend to provide a framework rather than snugly fit the needs and capabilities of an organization.

ProPart offers its advice on Analytical Reporting in a unique way. We believe that each organization has a unique set of Key Result Areas, Risk Profile and Critical to Success Factors. First, we work with the client to identify or formulate these. Then design a unique set of Analytical Reports that track changes and performance. We recommend a periodic review of the reporting system with a view to realign it to changes in the external environment as well as changes in internal priorities, policies and processes.
Management Information System
ProPartís approach to quality management is to establish best in class systems and procedures to enhance the existing value stream of the client.
ProPart helps clients to define key performance indicators (KPIs), develop an integrated structure of performance metrics and encapsule these into a reporting system to track the trajectory of performance.