ProPart recognizes that sustaining operations even under challenging conditions is critical to success in offshore processing. ProPart's Sustaining Operations Strategy (SOS) is a mature five-step model:
  • Recognizing the Sources of Disruption (SoD)
  • Monitoring the SoDs for turning 'critical'
  • System for preventive, proactive and mitigating Anti-Disruption Plan
  • System for agile response to disasters
  • Sensitizing people for possible disruptive situations
The SOS model incorporates a multi layered, 360-degree contingency action program to provide assurance of uninterrupted service at all times. Quality hardware, backups, adequate redundancy infrastructure and trained people are at the heart of this model.

ProPart recognizes the twin needs of clients in a disaster situation, Status Visibilty and Control.

It enhances the process visibility to the client during an emergency/disaster situation by activating alternative reserve channel of communication. This tight coupling enables the client to set priorities and thus be in control of the operations at critical times. Thus the Resilience Time (Mean Time Between Disruption and Restoration of Normal Service) is kept low.