The full value of transaction processing under a well managed environment is realized only when such processing yields reports for top and operational management containing actionable information. The information must be presented expertly to facilitate a quick and clear understanding of the state of the business and the opportunities it represents. A well operated BI system calls for a complete understanding of the business, a broad organizational sensitivity rather than a narrow functional interest and ability to produce proactively the relevant cross functional reports.

ProPart has the staff with experience and expertise just to answer the above description. The team can support the needs of an organization’s managers with great alacrity and ability. The team can generate and deliver a variety of periodic, on demand and instant reports that aid decision making and meet regulatory requirements.
Value to Business:

Information is a source of Competitive Advantage today. Timely, relevant and accurate information helps executives greatly in managing performance. A well designed set of KPIs help business leaders in setting business goals and tracking achievement levels.
  1. To provide accurate and timely information in the form of reports to facilitate the decision making process of top and operational management.
  2. To design reports those are appropriate to the changing scenarios and conducting operations.
ProPart Service Details
  1. Organizational performance
  2. Operational performance by Location
  3. Operational performance by Employee
  4. Operational performance by Revenue Segment
  5. Sales analysis
  6. Inventory analysis
  7. Aging analysis
  8. Trend analysis
  9. Key Account management
  10. Cash Planning
  11. Planning and Budgeting