ProPart’s People Policy will tell you why ProPart is the right choice for a career minded youngster.  We provide a professional and challenging environment to develop your skills and personality. We create opportunities to learn; opportunities to grow; opportunities to excel; opportunities to innovate at workplace.

Look at our organization chart and you will see how flat it is. That design is deliberate. We encourage knowledge sharing and freedom of expression.
Our goal setting process gives you an opportunity to set his own goals in alignment with client expectations and deliverables. Our review processes provide you an opportunity to see how your performance impacts on the team’s performance. Our performance appraisal process starts with self appraisal. It creates a unique opportunity to for you to learn to make objective assessment of your own performance and compare it with the assessment made by your boss. Together, these processes pave the way for the evolution of self managed teams.

Your training in business processes and their daily execution makes you ready to contribute ideas to improve those. ProPart Lab for Innovation and Experiments (ProLINEX) is a forum to show case your knowledge and experience and an opportunity to experiment with process innovation.

You need to develop your social, organizational and creative skills too. The weekly time outs called Friday Symposiums and the monthly newsletter ProNews give you an opportunity to share and develop these. Add to these the Annual Day related games and sports competitions and you have a complete work-life balance built in that prevents burnouts and sustains a healthy life.