The significance of a well managed process is often understood only when its absence impacts an organization adversely. A well managed process ensures not only the delivery of customer values of Transaction Processing but enhances such value by ensuring operational and financial controls are applied rigorously and consistently. This requires a higher level competency that includes keen understanding of the customer’s business environment, clear vision of  interlinkages among various business functions, ability to take decisions on the fly, ability to assess the impact of transaction flow and the predisposition to support  transaction processing teams with capable guidance and direction.

ProPart has trained set of managers and process team leaders who have a heightened sense of the precise value that each processes bring to the customer’s organization. Coupled with their rich process experience, they lead teams that focus on managing the processes with proficiency and pride.
Accounts Payable
Value to Business: Accounts Payable is wide ranging in scope and includes activities like purchase of good for trade and manufacture, services, maintenance and capital items.

Accounts Receivable
Value to Business: AR Process ensures timely and accurate recording of revenue. It is a  vital aid for timely collecting cash from customers.
Value to Business: Payroll processing is a very important function to any business employing people. Processing correct payroll, paying employees, statutory and other liabilities in time helps in sustaining employees’ morale and ensures statutory compliances.
General Ledger
Value to Business
General Ledger is the data hub from which financial information is drawn for regulatory reporting, performance analysis and decision-making. A well-designed Chart of Accounts can facilitate these internal business activities.

Value to Business: For any running business organization compliance with tax laws is as important as managing business operations.
CONSOLIDATION of financial Statements
Value to Business:

To facilitate accurate and timely preparation of consolidated financial statement

Value to Business: Reconciliation is a powerful control tool to ensure that accounting information is reliable and accurately reported.